Private Day Trip Nusa Penida

Let’s Explore and Discover the hidden paradise island Nusa Penida !

Nusa Penida is becoming the new favourite destination in Bali. The island is way larger than Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Penida should visit for it’s incredible high coastal cliffs, natural infinity pool and yet untouched nature.

Nusa Penida located just off the southern coast of Bali. Although it’s only a short 45 minutes boat ride from Sanur Bali, Nusa Penida is still impressively untouristy.

Destinations :

West trip

  • Kelingking Beach
  • Broken Beach / Pasih Uug
  • Angel Billabong
  • Pohon Cinta

East Trip

  • Diamond Beach
  • Atuh Beach
  • Tree House Molenteng
  • Raja Lima / Thousand Land of Atuh
  • Teletubbies Hills


Nusa Penida – West Trip :

photo by @jackson.groves

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is the most iconic spot in Nusa Penida. You will amazed by the stunning ocean view from the top of the cliff, this entire coastal in this area is very beautiful site, the lush green cliffs contrast dramatically with the turquoise clear crystal waters.

The shape of the cliff is very unique it’s looks like a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex with an exotic scenery views. That’s one of the reasons Kelingking Beach is the most visited place in Bali. Kelingking actually translates into English meaning Pinkie a term referencing the smallest finger on the hand. Just like a pinkie promise, the land does also appear to take the form of a Kelingking or pinkie finger. However, it is the comparison to the T-Rex that has caused this location to become so popular.



photo by @eunikekristy

 Pohon Cinta

There was a (dead) tree at this place called Pohon Cinta or ‘Tree of Love ’.  It was a popular photo spot with the blue sky and ocean in the background. You can climb this tree to see the wonderful view of ocean from here. This is another favorite stop for photographers.



photo by @jordhammond

Angel’s Billabong

The Angel’s Billabong is one of Nusa Penida’s secret getaways in the form of a marvelous natural infinity pool. With it’s emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning. And apparently, the green floors of this particular infinity pool are so comfortable to walk on (not slippery), it actually feels carpeted, Imagine that! We sure wish we were lounging around at Angel’s Billabong this very moment.
The place is believed to be a nymph bathing place by local residents. fresh and clear water.

Dubbed the swimming pool of fallen angels, Angel’s Billabong is a beautiful estuary of a river where the ocean tide meets the stream. It’s a long and wide pool guarded by a pair of cliffs on each side. Its greenish-blue water is so clear and transpicuous, and you can see the rocky river bed as you swim along.



photo by @saltywings

Broken Beach

What kind of sound echoed in your head when you hear Broken Beach? Is that the beach with broken cliff or building around? Or a dirty beach with trash everywhere?

You can imagine everything about Broken Beach. In fact, this beach is very unique. It’s not like the beaches in common. Broken beach is located in the Nusa Penida sub-sistrict, Bali. It has the high cliffs with the holes in the center. That is why it has the name Broken Beach. The local people call it Pasir Uug Beach which means broken.

When you sit on this hidden beach, you will enjoy the waves of sea water that look refreshing blue, combined with the blue sky, the grass area above the cliffs and a refreshing breeze. In the afternoon, the sunset of Broken Beach looks very amazing. You can also capture photos when trying to get close to the cliff that  formed naturally. It’s very instagrammable.



photo by @traveling couple

Crystal Bay

Crystal bay is a gorgeous beach in Nusa Penida. The crystal clear water, palm tree will and crystal white sandy beach make this place one of the most relaxing place of your life!

In the Southwest of Nusa Penida there is a bay with crystal clear water. The visitors who are above the water surface can see through inside the bay where there live coral reefs and other marine biota. It’s like looking at the living inside an aquarium. That is why this is well-known as Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay also has one kilometer long white sand. Its clean sand makes the visitors want to bask immediately. The combination of the sand and crystal water really soothes eyes and mind. From this beach, you can also hear the pounding of the waves. The waves won’t get to where you sit on the beach as there is a rock right in front of the beach that blocks the waves from reaching the shore. This rock is known as Jineng stone or stone of rest.


Nusa Penida – East Trip :

photo by ninja rod

New favorite destination in Nusa Penida – Diamond Beach

         Nusa Penida island keeps millions of hidden scenic spot. One of them is Diamond Beach with its unique limestone cliffs and Diamond shape rocks.

This beach is close to Atuh beach. Many local and foreign tourists often visit Atuh beach, but they never continue the journey to Diamond Beach. In fact, Diamond Beach also has the ability to spoil our eyes. Just look at the blue sea. Then, you can find a rock cliff that just down.

The cliff is composed of rocks that have similar shape to diamonds. When the sun hits the cliff together with the sea water, the mixture colour becomes very attractive. Just like watching diamonds from nature. Just take your camera and capture the moment! Next, from the top of the cliff, you can go down the unique limestone stairs to the Diamond Beach. The white sand is very soft and this hidden place is very suitable to be your next photo object.



photo by @joshuafoo

Atuh Beach

            Almost all beaches have big coral rocks on the edge of the beach. But, one of the beaches in Nusa Penida island has super unique rocks. The appearance of the big four rocks are similar with the island. No wonder if many people consider that Atuh Beach is The Raja Ampat of Nusa Penida.

The four large coral islands are Batu Paon Island, Batu Abah Island, Jineng Hill Island, and Pepadasan Island or Batu Melawang. In Batu Melawang, there is a giant hole just like a coral tunnel. People often call it “hollow stone”.

The visitors can enjoy the view of the coral islands and the stretch of white sand that is very soft. The clear view of the water in Atuh Beach is also spoil the eyes. And the water is tasteless. Unlike other salty coastal water.



photo by @trimbleezy

Tree House Molenteng

        What do you want to see when you are in a tree house? The interesting natural scenery, right? In Banjar Pelilit, Nusa Penida, there is a tree house as the tourism object will give you different way to enjoy the scenery. It is Tree House Molenteng, the wooden 4×4 meters tree house above a steep cliff.

Tree House Molenteng is often visited just for taking selfie photos, enjoying the view of Atuh Beach and around Nusa Penida. However, there are also many visitors who spend the night here just to feel a different holiday atmosphere with their family or partner. You also can see Atuh Beach from this tree house.


photo by @n.kulikova

Raja Lima / Thousand Land of Atuh

             If Papua has Raja Ampat, Nusa Penida has Raja Lima as one famous tourism object.  These two interesting places will certainly be very dear if passed by your eyes or your camera lens.

From the top of Raja Lima cliffs, you can see small islands that look a bit like Raja Ampat. The scenery is very amazing with ocean blue sea water and cliffs or coral rocks in the middle of the sea.

On the Raja Lima the wind is quite strong and hot. Just be careful when you want to take photos from the top of the cliff. Meanwhile, in Raja Lima, you can take pictures with a number of statues. Raja Lima is always crowded with visitors. Please watch your steps when climbing the cliff.



photo by @nie.marcello

Teletubbies Hill

            Do you still remember the 4 figures of living doll Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala,and Po who live in an area with small hills and green grass? Kids call its house area Teletubbies Hills. In Nusa Penida there is the real Teletubbies Hills where many tourists come to enjoy the green scenery and the fresh air.

The local people used to call Teletubbies Hills as Gamal Hills because there are so many gamal trees grew here. Gamal is used for animal livestock food. Next, many tourists know this as Teletubbies Hills and it becomes more famous.

Many visitors also do some pre-wedding photos in Teletubbies Hills. The rainy season becomes the best season to visit it as the grass turns green and the atmosphere is beautiful. When you come in dry season, the grass here looks dry and the weather is unfriendly.



• Fast Boat tickets from Bali to Nusa Penida (Go & Return)
• Private Car + Driver + Petrol
• Enterance tickets to all spots
• Mineral Water
• Driver as Guide

1. Meeting point Sanur Beach 7:30 AM
2. Checkin at Fast Boat office Sanur Beach
3. Start the boat trip to Nusa Penida (about 45 minutes on board)
4. Arrive in Nusa Penida , our guide will pick you up and start the Private Trip to:


West Trip:

  • Broken Beach
  • Angel Billabong
  • Kelingking Beach
  • Crystal Bay

East Trip:

  • Diamond Beach 
  • Atuh Beach
  • Tree House of Molenteng
  • Raja Lima
  • Teletubbies Hill

5. Back to Sanur around 4:00 PM  from Nusa Penida.

** For Lunch is not included, we will guide you to local restaurant for lunch . You can choose any food you want.


  • Cancelation of participant on the day of trip will charge as Full Payment.
  • Itinerary is Tentative, may change according to conditions and situations.
  • Destination may change depending on conditions and situations.
  • Itinerary may change if there is  FORCE MAJUERE.

FORCE MAJUERE: Force majeure referred to in this Agreement is a state of coercion beyond the limits of the ability of both parties to interfere with and even thwart the execution of activities, such as natural disaster, bad weather, wars, sabotage, community rebellion, blockade, Government policy especially caused circumstances beyond human capabilities.


  • For nusa penida trip is not included pick up service , meeting point in Sanur Beach, if you need pick up service it cost IDR 250.000 one way (per car maximum 6 person)


  •  Additional Snorkeling in Gamat Bay & Wall Point it cost IDR 450.000 / person


  • Additional Snorkeling in Manta Bay & Gamat Bay it cost IDR 550.000 / person
Price Details for Indonesian ID
(Minimal 2 pax)

6 person: IDR 400.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

5 person: IDR 450.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

4 person: IDR 500.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

3 person: IDR 550.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

2 person: IDR 600.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣  ⁣⁣⁣⁣

 Price Included:
 • Fast Boat tickets from Sanur to Nusa Penida (Go & Return)
 • Private Car + Driver + Petrol
 • Enterance tickets to all spots
 • Mineral Water
 • Driver as Guide
Price Details Foreigner
(Minimal 2 person)

6 person: IDR 550.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

5 person: IDR 600.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

4 person: IDR 650.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

3 person: IDR 700.000 / person⁣⁣⁣⁣

2 person: IDR 750.000 / person

Price Included:
 • Fast Boat tickets for Foreigner from Sanur to Nusa Penida (Go & Return)
 • Private Car + Driver + Petrol
 • Enterance tickets to all spots
 • Mineral Water
 • Driver as Guide


Once you book the trip, we assume you already understand our standard policy.

  • Downpayment minimum 50% for reservations
  • Cancellation = non refundable (reschedule is allowed confirm maximum 3 days before the trip)
  • Itinerary are tentative, may change according to conditions and situations on the spot.

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October 1, 2017

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I also suggest to take their personal driver for 2 days or more and go to #AtuhBeach #TreeHouse #AngelsBillabong #BrokenBeach (Note: do not to use motorbikes because of the very bad/ the roughest road we encountered, it will make you tired prior to your trekking to said locations.) What i mean of trekking? Up hill with dangerous cliffs ⛰
And last stop we went for snorkeling at #GamatBay and #WallPoint (again, will post the pictures and videos later) 😁
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Our first stay in super cozy La Roja bungalows!
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